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Google Material Design

Google Material Design Introductory Session,

At Forge Accelator,KCT Tech Park,Coimbatore,Tamilnadu,India.

Session By Senthil Kumar.M,Senior Analyst,Qualcomm Inc,Bangalore.About senthil Click here!

Myself Dharsan,II-year B.Tech Information Technolgy,KGiSL Institute Of Technology,Coimbatore.
It was held on 25th oct 2016,
As the experience and knowledge gained by me at that session was shared to you now feel free to ask questions related to this article and any other queries are welcome..!

Morning Session:-

At first we have no idea about material design which is launched by Google recently which provides immense resources to the Developer Community,The morning session was entirely about google material design and material colour which is very useful for Web developers as we can select different Color palette from which we can select the desired color using different hexa codes which is present along with the color that u select,to use that color in your website simply use the hexa code in your css code to enable that color it is way too simpler right,yeah you are correct as i use those hexa codes from that session to my websity to view my website Please click this link.Also we learnt some basics about Django( which is a frame work for python coding it is very stable and used by millions of python developers),Flask(It is also a micro framework used for Python coding and alternative for Django),node.js(Node.js is an open-source, Cross-platform,javascript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side.) and so on.

Afternoon Session:-

As in afternoon session we started to build our first personal portfolio website Click here to view my website.Before that we started to learn about some hosting techniques as i said before that google provides us immense resources for learning and developing so we used firebase a google product which is a free web hosting service powered by google,firebase is a web hosting company which provides free web hosting services for learning and developing purposes using one email ID you can host upto 15 websites at free of cost by following some Easy Steps.After hosting your very own website you that from worldwide it is simple and very powerful.Other than these techniques we also had some Motivational speech from our mentor Senthil Kumar.M.He taught us about the facebook story and The secret behind the acquisation of Nokia by microsoft and the stratagies used by samsung to get place in people's mind if You are willing to here those stories Ping me at 9894092406 or mail me at Dharsan.

Hope this article will help the newbies in web development.

Thank you!

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